Before you start
First and foremost, please be aware that every country has different culture and rules. It is essential to understand that Japanese ways of job hunting and rules are different from those in your own country.

Key to success
Social medias and internet boards often give you wrong information/advice, which result in fail. A key to success is "right knowledge", always refer to official sites especially about legal matters.

Proceeding job hunting in order is also important. For example, those who start with visa sponsor search never find it as well as a job. See the chart below, our guide through this site is in order also.

Q: Can I do job hunting, being in Japan with a short-term stay visa?
A:  Yes, however, paid training and internship are NOT allowed.



Career Options
You can choose a professional caeer, which is applicable to a working visa listed on official site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (e.g. English teacher, IT engineer), unless you already hold a specified visa such as "spouse of Japanese national".

No illegal works
Illegal works includs unskilled labour (e.g.positions of waiter/waitress, factory staff, farmer, shop assistant, cleaner, etc.) withtout a specified visa such as "spouse of Japanese national", cause arrest and deportation. Do not involved in them!

Free Consultation
We are happy to give you advice and answer to your question, please feel free to contact us. We also provide Information for job hunters on our blog.

Q: I cannot speak Japanese, can I still work in Japan?
A:  No worries, many non-Japanese speakers are working in Japan.


Be yourself
Online application form, resume, whatever you submit, your name must be written as appear on your passport. No shorter form name, No nickname/pseudonymIf. Surname in block capital is more appreciated.  ✔ James LIANG ✘ Jim Liang

In Japan, generally social networking services and online resumes are not accepted. Links you provide will be ignored. Always submit a conventional resume, specifying gender and data of birth, which are required in compliance with the law.

It is Japanese resume written on Japan's national standard 2-page format. A face photo is attached,  more personal data are contained rather than education and career history. Free sample is available, please contact us.

This is career summary with your previous positions, roles, achievements. It is typed on an A4 sized paper with any format, submitted with the Rirekisho. 

Q: Why personal data such as gender must be specified in resume?
A:  It is because employment without identification is illegal.



Face to Face
Face to Face is basic, since ID check is necessary in compliance with the law. You will meet employer at least once even if online interview is accepted.

Rikuluto sutsu (recruit suit)
Interviewees are expected to wear a dark grey/navy blue suit, called Rikuluto sutsu and have a self-stand black bag for interviews. At least, do not  wear a black one, it is for funeral in Japan.

Interview coaching
No confident with your Japanese? No worries, interview coaching and interpreter and/or an escort are available.  (Skytree-line area). Please feel free to contact us.


Working Condition
Refuse the position with condtion against the law, Labor Standards Act. Basic working hours is up 8 hours/day, 40hours/week. Break time is at least 45min for 6-8 hours of work, at least 1 hour for over 8 hours of work.

Leaves & Holiday
About emergency leave and holidays are depends on employers, do not forget comfirm by contract. Generally no leave for your sick boy/girlfriend or pet is accpected, Christmas day is not a public holiday. 

Position & Work
Double check your actual work. If your position is "international sales" at a hotel with "International services visa", engaging reception work is illegal. Lesson solicitation is the same for English teacher.

Q:  What if I don't understand Japanese in contract?
A:  No worries, just contact us for translation. 


What's COE?
COE (Certificate Of Eligibility) is one of the documents for visa application. It is NOT what issued by employer, you apply at immigration in advance of visa application. For details, please refer to official site of Immigration Bureau of Japan.

1.You and your employer prepare for necessary documents.
2.Apply at the Immigration office in charge of employer's location.
3.Immigration isnpect and decise grant or regects.

Q:  How long does inspection take? 
A:  It depents on your nationality but it is said 3 month.


Visa is officially called Zairyu Shikaku (=Residence Status).  Choose appropriate one for your position from the list on official site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Only your employer can be a sponsor. You apply at Japan Embassy.

1. Apply at Japan Embassy with all required documents.
2. You may submite additional documents if required.
3. Japan Embassy grant or reject after inspection.

Q:  Is a BA degree indispensable?
A:  It depends on visa, another qualification may be applicable.


Renting a room of apartment or sharehouse is common, companies do not provide residences. Explanation about let-related terms such as Hosho-nin can be found on Japan Life AtoZ.

All formalities and payment of Zairyu-card, Jumin-tohroku, Kokuho, Kokumin-nenkin, Koyo-hoken, etc.must be completed. For details, please refer to Japan Life AtoZ and related official sites. 

Rules & Manners
Rules and manners introduced on our blog make your Japan life safe and fun. Always remind especially rules of traffic, refuse disposal and noise.

Job Hunting Guide

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